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The Best Teas to Drink Cold in the Summer

The Best Teas to Drink Cold in the Summer

Pu-erh tea is typically associated with Gong Fu brewing, where tea is served at hot temperatures, meant to be sipped delicately. Because of its inherently mild nature, though, Pu-erh tea can also be extremely refreshing when brewed and served cold. With the summer sun now beating down on us, we’ve decided to list four of our teas that are especially well-suited to drinking cold in the summer.

2007 Denong Raw Pu-erh from Jingmai Arbor Trees

Coming from one of the most famous tea mountains in Yunnan, this decade-old raw Pu-erh boasts a light orchid flavor that’s at once challenging and relaxing. From a recent customer review: “At lunch, I poured a cup cold, no ice and wow, the 2007 Jingmai Raw was so good; very smooth, refreshing and relaxing.” Whether you choose to drink this tea with ice or not, there are few more delicious ways to beat the heat this summer.


2010 Denong Wild Ripe Pu-erh Tea (Mixed Harvest)

Generally speaking, raw Pu-erh is favored over ripe Pu-erh for cold brewing due to certain factors such as fermentation. However, certain ripe Pu-erh teas such as our 2010 Wild Ripe prove to be stunning exceptions. Because of its wild pedigree, this tea is much more floral and light than most ripe Pu-erh teas, and is therefore incredibly soothing and rejuvenating, even on the hottest of summer days.

2016 Denong Black Tea

All around the world (and particularly in the United States), people regularly drink Iced Tea, which is typically some kind of black Tea. With our 2016 Black Tea, you get the familiar comfort of drinking cold black tea, but with an exquisite twist. Made from trees that are around 300 years old, this black tea boasts an unmatched complexity, and a deliciously rich flavor profile. Bring this tea to a picnic in our Glass Tumbler for a relaxing afternoon.

2015 Early Spring Harvest Elegant Tranquility Raw Pu-erh

With the 4th of July quickly approaching, people are starting to light up their grills and inviting friends and family over for barbecues. With its light smokiness but overall invigorating floral sweetness, our 2015 Elegant Tranquility is the perfect companion tea for your cookouts. As you kick back with your loved ones and watch the fireworks, sip this tea to unwind and decompress.

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