About Us


In a world full of shortcuts and compromises, Denong Tea seeks out timelessness through our premium pu-erh tea. Born on the mountains of Yunnan, ancient pu-erh tea trees carry countless centuries worth of secrets and history--these ancient trees make up less than three percent of the tea trees in Yunnan province, which is the only region in which they can thrive. The oldest of these trees is over 2,700 years old, and it is our firm belief that their leaves make the best pu-erh in the world. 


It's this discovery of timelessness that gives us our purpose and inspiration. We consider ourselves guardians of the world’s best pu-erh, as gatekeepers to an ancient time and place. Every year, we journey hundreds of miles into the famous pu-erh mountains to rediscover the finest tea leaves in existence. Like a fine wine, good pu-erh tea boasts an evolving composition and a flavor profile that’s always growing in quality and complexity. Whether you choose to enjoy our exquisite tea now or hold onto it and watch its value soar, we hope you’ll join Denong Tea in our quest for quality, wellness, and virtuosity.



Our Journey

In 1998, our parent company Denong Tea Company started conducting tea-related trade in Yunnan province, China. In 2005, the company expanded and began manufacturing, storing, trading, and auctioning premium pu-erh tea. We quickly garnered many industry awards from tea experts and earned the respect of both customers and peers in the pu-erh tea industry. After the company’s success in China, Denong Tea opened up additional branches in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

All throughout the world, the name Denong has come to represent an assurance of quality and dignity. Denong Tea Inc. was established as the US branch in 2012, and was officially launched in March 2016. Since then, we’ve dedicated ourselves to sharing the miracle of premium pu-erh with American tea enthusiasts, and opened our flagship store in Pasadena, CA on 11/11/2017.