SGS Certification - Commitment to Quality

Commitment to Quality

Denong Tea Inc. has been committed to excellence in Pu-erh tea quality, tea tree conservation, and ancient arbor tea tree protection in Yunnan for over 20 years.

Denong’s tea processing factories pay strong and careful attention to the environment and human handling. Through the spirit of artisans, Denong’s process of Pu-erh tea making combines traditional crafts with modern advancement. As the leader in Pu-erh tea making,  

Denong has developed two innovative processes to enhance the quality and taste of ripe Pu-erh tea:

  1. Off-the-ground fermentation
  2. Greenhouse fermentation & Tea cellar fermentation

Thus, Denong’s ripe tea has earned its unique mark and its esteemed place in the tea industry.

SGS certified: 

SGS provides inspection, testing, certification, and verification for companies all around the world.  Products certified by SGS are not only compliant with national and international standards, but also, recognized as of the highest quality. Denong is proud to be SGS certified, with our basic teas tested and certified for non-detection of 470 pesticides.

Denong represents unyielding insistence on quality.