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The Ancient Art of Pu-erh Tea

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At Denong Tea, we are devoted to the timeless cultivation and production of premium Pu-erh tea.

Sourced from ancient tea trees in the Yunnan province of China, Pu-erh tea boasts an evolving composition and an unmatched flavor profile. Over time, it ages with complexity and grace.

Our continuous journey into the mountains of Yunnan provides us with the hands-on experience required to produce the finest tea in the world.

Experience the luxurious sensation of Pu-erh tea with Denong Tea.

Meticulously Crafted Tea

pu-erh tea

Traditional Pu-erh tea is hand-picked and harvested at high altitudes by minority tribes in China, such as the Bulong and Dai tribes. Its leaves are picked, sun dried, stir-fried, and fermented.

pu-erh tea cake

Constructing a Pu-erh tea cake only begins after the leaves are dried and raked. They are stir-fried in a drum at 130 o C and are carefully tossed to prevent scorching. With dedicated attention to detail, the mixture is then sifted to remove inconsistencies.

tea leaves

Afterwards, the tea leaves are compressed and hand molded by a tea master. They can take the form of several shapes, such as Tea Cake, Brick, or Tuocha. These can then be broken down into loose leaf tea, where it is ready to be enjoyed.

For Your Benefit & Enjoyment

High-quality Pu-erh tea remains one of the healthiest natural remedies. Since they are delicately picked from ancient tea trees, its defining characteristics include a robust taste, an earthy feel, and a plethora of holistic benefits derived from heavy oxidation.

Enjoy a transformative flavor that is as healthy as it is rich.

Our Dedication

Denong Tea is dedicated to providing the finest premium teas. Our Pu-erh tea cakes are masterfully created to ensure all of the richness of ancient Chinese tradition. We hope to bring the timeless art and rich flavors of our tea into your life.

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From the High Mountains of Yunnan

The ancient tradition of Pu-erh tea was originated by people who cultivated tea in the high mountains of Southwestern China. By allowing tea leaves to grow in soil that is millions of years of old, Pu-erh trees take root in nutrient-rich terrain and can take years to mature. At Denong Tea, we procure our tea leaves using only eco-friendly and ethical sourcing practices.