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About Pu-erh

Pu-erh's Ancient Roots

Pu-erh's Ancient Roots

Pu-erh tea is regarded as a drinkable antique. Premium pu-erh tea is sourced from ancient arbor tea trees, found exclusively in the Yunnan province. These trees grow to reach thousands of years old and undergo a great amount of natural and man-made hardships. To survive and thrive, a tree exerts a lot of effort transferring the essence of the sky and earth to each one of its leaves.

Even further, the journey tea leaves take to be enjoyed in tea tastings and in homes worldwide is a lengthy and involved process. The best tea comes from the deepest parts of the rain forest where there is the least amount of human interference. Truly wonderful tea comes from places that are far from the human world, which is why people take great risks to find the best tea. Tea pickers will climb to the top of perilous mountains and beyond to pick these valuable teas, which they will later process and store as the pu-erh tea we know and love. A tea maker needs to judiciously apply all of his skills and experience to produce the best tea, paying attention to every detail from sourcing to storing to aging the tea.

When a cup of tea finally reaches your hand, it is meant to be shared with people who can appreciate the tea with you. It’s not easy finding a good companion who can find joy in delving into the complexities of tea. Additionally, it may take a lifetime to search for the perfect tea, because such enlightenment takes time, but sometimes it is right around the corner.

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