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Gong Fu Brewing Starter Kit

Denong Tea

Gong Fu Brewing Starter Kit


In Chinese, the term Gong Fu refers to any discipline or skill achieved through hard work and practice. As it relates to the tea, the term Gong Fu refers to the traditional method of brewing tea, often with a Gaiwan and pitcher. This new Starter Kit is designed to give you all the tools you need to brew tea using these methods that have been employed for hundreds and thousands of years.

To conduct a tea ceremony, you need a solid foundation on which to brew the tea. With our Bamboo Tea Table, you’ll get just that. Made of beautifully polished bamboo and equipped with a built in drainage system that connects to an included rubber hose, this tea table allows you to dispose of liquid waste without ever having to interrupt the tea ceremony.

Next, you need the proper teaware to brew the tea. Our high quality Porcelain Gaiwan is designed with the utmost care to be the perfect tool for brewing tea. Like all of our porcelain, this gaiwan is handmade in Jingdezhen, China, which is often referred to as the "Porcelain Capital of the World".

For an added dose of elegance, introduce a Porcelain Pitcher into your tea ceremony. In addition to the delicate aesthetic qualities it brings to the table, a pitcher is crucial to brewing tea, as it lets the tea water cool before serving, without having to over-brew the tea in the gaiwan.

Perhaps the most crucial participant in the tea ceremony is the Porcelain Tea Cup. Perfectly insulating the heat of the tea while still being manageable and easy to hold, this cup provides tea lovers with the ideal vessel for fully enjoying and appreciating the delicious tea being brewed.

After the tea has been brewed and served, even the most adept of tea masters may notice some stray drops of tea on the tea table or teaware. Our Denong Tea Towel is exactly what you need to clean up. This microfiber tea towel is incredibly absorbent, even after getting a little damp. Then, after the tea ceremony is over, use the tea towel to polish the teaware until it looks good as new.

Finally, no tea ceremony would be complete without the tea. Each one of our Starter Kits comes with a carefully selected seven gram sample of one of our delicious teas.

This Starter Kit Includes: 

  1. Bamboo Tea Table
  2. Porcelain Gaiwan 
  3. Porcelain Pitcher 
  4. Porcelain Tea Cup
  5. Denong Tea Towel 
  6. A carefully selected sample of one of our Premium Teas

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