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Pu-erh Tea Rewards Patience

Pu-erh Tea Rewards Patience

Ever since the Industrial Age, more and more technologies are being innovated and introduced to the public to make life more convenient. And while the technological achievements of the past couple centuries are astounding, it’s hard to escape the feeling that our society has lost the virtue of patience, and the ability to find enjoyment in that which is simple and profound.

By contrast, tea is all about patient enjoyment. Particularly when tea is brewed Gong Fu style in a tea ceremony, both the host and participants in the ceremony are given the chance to take things slow and focus on every little aspect of the experience. After all, one of the most unique and crucial aspect of the tea drinking is finding value in the experience itself. By patiently enjoying the deliberate pace of the tea ceremony, you can learn things about yourself that were previously hidden, as well as feel a greater sense of community with the people with whom you’re sharing the tea experience.

Perhaps most importantly, patience is an important ingredient in bringing out the tea’s ideal taste. Tea masters must exercise great patience at many steps of the process, beginning with the tea production, and going all the way up to the actual ceremony. Firstly, even after the lengthy, deliberate process of tea production, Pu-erh tea is best enjoyed after some degree of aging. Once the tea is ready to be enjoyed, even the earliest steps of the tea ceremony require patience. For example, raw Pu-erh needs to be brewed at about 185° F. This of course means that the water needs to come to a boil, and then the water needs to cool down to that ideal temperature. Once the water has been added to the tea leaves, the brewer needs to allow the tea to steep for the exact right amount of time. When all this is done correctly, the tea is well worth the wait, and the patience of both those brewing and drinking the tea is very well rewarded.

As previously mentioned, one of the most rewarding ways to enjoy tea is through a Gong Fu tea ceremony. If you’d like exercise your own patience to make a perfect cup of tea, take a look at our Gong Fu Brewing Starter Kit, so that you too can learn how to brew tea using this timeless method.


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