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Tea Whispers Zen Musings, Like in a Dream.

Tea Whispers Zen Musings, Like in a Dream.

Much like clouds fleeting over our shoulders, life is like a journey: only the lightest words can describe it. The accuracy of any description is found in the subtleties. Such subtleties can be found in a handful of dry tea. Tea whispers zen musings, like in a dream. A brew can transform the leaves into various fragrances. Green leaves, like flowers, dance in the water. Throughout the swaying journey of ups and downs, a cup of well brewed tea can sing you to serenity.

Take a cup of tea and for a moment rest against the soft tea fog caressing your cheek. Good tea, can withstand repeated brewing, though the taste is light after continuos brews, a ray of fragrance still exists. Subtly refined taste is the most beautiful, it is like drinking the taste hidden at the bottom of your heart. When you are troubled, taste life in your cup of tea.

All it takes is a light sip, and suddenly, you feel awakened, as though a warm beam travels straight into your soul, and you cannot help but sigh. All the tranquility of nature, can’t compare with a quiet soul. If you can control your mind and body, then you can shape your world. Real comprehension is found with a strong heart that can withstand a storm.

Carrying a ray of tea while taking in the scenery of the soul has a touch of practice Zen in it. Strands of fragrant tea flow through the years, unaware of when their buds will be soaked.  Though vibrant and unforgettable, only water and patience can awaken the tea, and bring an end to the waiting.

       Yes, there is a kind of happiness, it is as simple as tea, like a life full of zen.


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