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Choosing the Right Tea For You, Part II.

Choosing the Right Tea For You, Part II.

Tea is the Chinese national drink, and it seems it is only growing in popularity. Many people throughout the country believe that drinking tea can help restore their body’s equilibrium. In order to find the optimal tea, many factors need to be taken into account, in other words, a shift towards rational drinking. Some of the factors concerned in finding the optimal tea are fairly obvious, such as season and body type, however, age also plays a crucial role.

At different ages individuals have different capacities for nutrient absorption, therefore choosing the right tea to nurture the body is contingent on age. We’ll unpack the body’s general needs for different age groups:

12 - 18

During this time, the body is very sensitive to nutrients. Since organs at this age are still young their endurance is weak, therefore, people in this age group should pick milder teas, such as aged ripe, or aged white tea.

Aged teas are mild because of their lengthy storage time, but they are still abundant in nutrients to nurture the body. Young children should drink lightly brewed tea predominantly after breakfast and in the afternoon. Drinking these types of tea can help them improve memory and advance the immune system in the long run.

18 - 40

People in this age range have a lot of energy, and their immune system is typically strong. On the other hand, this age group also tends to eat out often, party, and drink copious amounts of alcohol, which causes health to remain at a subpar level. Therefore, this age group should pay more attention to their daily maintenance and eating habits. The optimal tea choice for this age group is a diverse selection including green tea, white tea, and oolong. These teas can brighten the mind, aid in digestion, and detoxify the liver.

40- 65

Middle-aged people will begin experience a reduction in the way their body functions. As the physical body begins to decline functionally, the stomach will experience discomfort, and the liver and kidney will develop problems too because of the amount toxins accumulated and stored in the body. People at this age should drink Pu-erh, Heicha, and white tea to aid in the detoxification process.


People who are 65 years old and older will generally lose their flexibility and develop cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. They should opt for drinking aged Heicha, aged white tea, black tea and aged Pu-erh. These teas can help protect hearts, balance stomach issues, and detoxify the body. Seniors should drink lightly brewed tea during the day and less after dinner.

Drinking tea is a healthy way of living life, but healthily drinking tea is equally important. Here at Let us guide you to health with a steep and a sip!

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