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Tea is the Art of Time (Part One)

Tea is the Art of Time (Part One)

In the past few years, the world has seen a surge of the popularity of tea. Despite this recent uptick, the truth is that tea has in fact been shaping culture and delighting communities for several millennia.

According to tradition, the legendary Chinese emperor Shennong discovered tea when a stray tea leaf floated into his bowl of boiling water. He noticed the water change colors, and was pleasantly surprised by the taste of this water. He then began to experiment with the tea, learning about its medicinal qualities and enchanting flavors. Much of what he discovered is still considered common practice, and an entire culture rose up around the enjoyment and the art of tea.

As tea becomes more and more popular and spreads to all corners of the globe, people are beginning to become well-acquainted with it. The incredible thing about tea, however, is that even as tea becomes an everyday experience for many people, it never loses its magic or its mystery.

Tea has both incredible medicinal value and the powerful ability to connect with our emotions, stimulating our senses and our discernment of beauty. Teas has been around for millennia because it needs time to complete itself. And as the tea bears the carve and polish of time, it reveals one of its most valuable secrets: that time is an artist, and tea its great work of art.

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