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Making Connections with Tea

Making Connections with Tea

It’s often said nowadays that the technology of our modern age is contributing to a sense of loneliness in our society. Though technology is often designed to connect people, focusing too much on the digital realm sometimes tends to isolate and alienate people instead. The perfect antidote to these severed connections is the sharing of tea.

Tea is meant to be shared. Pu-erh tea, or any tea brewed using traditional methods, is particularly well-suited for sharing with other people. When you use a gaiwan to brew tea, you are employing a method that has been used for many many centuries to allow people to serve tea to others. In fact, the size of a traditional gaiwan is meant to brew enough tea for several drinkers. A single brew of tea from a gaiwan yields enough tea to fill several tea cups.

It’s for these reasons and more that tea has been used by people to help foster personal connections for thousands of years. If there’s someone in your life you’d like to get to know more, what better way to do so than by inviting them over for a relaxing tea ceremony? In an increasingly lonely world, use tea to establish genuine connections with others.

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