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Other Varieties of Tea: Chrysanthemum Tea and Jujube Longan Tea

Other Varieties of Tea: Chrysanthemum Tea and Jujube Longan Tea

Continuing where our previous posts left off, today we’ll be discussing two more varieties of tea that aren’t as well known to the average tea drinker.

Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum tea, like honeysuckle tea, has the power to cool the body, even when the tea is hot. This gives its drinkers the luxury of drinking delicious hot tea, even in the heat of summer. Additionally, chrysanthemum tea has the powerful ability to lowering blood pressure. For people with low blood pressure, diluting the tea or drinking in moderation are advised. For those with high blood pressure, a hearty cup of chrysanthemum tea every day can bring about incredible results.


Jujube Longan Tea

Jujube Longan tea is extremely popular among women, as it can bring a natural glow to the face and slow down the aging process. However, because of the hot nature of longan, people who are suffering from fevers ought to avoid drinking it. But as the weather gets colder, tea like this can be the perfect way to warm yourself up.


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