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Other Varieties of Tea: Tieguanyin And Rose Tea

Other Varieties of Tea: Tieguanyin And Rose Tea

Continuing where our previous post left off, today we’ll be discussing two more varieties of tea that aren’t as well known to the average tea drinker.


Tieguanyin is a special variety of Oolong Tea that comes from Fujian Province in China. Like other kinds of Oolong, it is good for aiding in digestion and boosting your metabolism. Interestingly, though, Tieguanyin is high in digallic acid, which when entering the bloodstream can bind to iron, rendering it insoluble. For this reason, people who are anemic are advised to drink this tea sparingly. Ginseng tea, on the other hand, can be a great source of iron when consumed daily.

Rose Tea

Rose tea is a delicate sort of tea that is made from actual rose petals. Besides its light floral taste, rose tea can help brighten your day, calm your anxiety, and beautify your body. Because the tea is so soothing and calming, it is not considered ideal for people prone to drowsiness. For those seeking a burst of energy from their tea, black tea or Pu-erh are both more suitable choices.

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