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About Pu-erh

Generations of Pu-erh

Generations of Pu-erh

Next time you delight in our carefully selected Pu-erh, take a moment to embrace the process in which generations of families have contributed to its creation. As you look at the brewed leaves in the gaiwan as they become closer to their full form, see the hands of the laborers picking the leaves from ancestral trees. Visualize the care placed by generations of families who transform the fresh leaves into beautifully pressed round Pu-erh cakes.

Pu-erh tea is also generational by its very nature, since it has no expiration date and can last decades if it's properly stored. A Pu-erh tea that is picked and pressed into a cake during one generation can take on a whole new character with time, before being enjoyed by those in the next generation. It’s for this reason that we sometimes call Pu-erh a “drinkable antique.” Unlike most types of teas that are meant to be enjoyed only in the present, Pu-erh tea can become part a family tradition, and tea cakes and tea bricks can be passed from generation to generation.

While drinking Pu-erh tea, think both about the past and the future. In the past, we can consider the many generations who cultivated and produced the tea, as well as those who have enjoyed this timeless gift before us. In the future, we can consider the generations that will come along after us, while we sip some tea now, and more importantly, when we save some for them.


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