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Bonding Over Pu-erh Tea

Bonding Over Pu-erh Tea

As we’ve discussed before, Pu-erh tea is the perfect drink to clear your mind and take you on a journey of imagination. Beyond these more introspective qualities, however, Pu-erh tea is also perfect for sharing. There’s something inherently communal about Pu-erh tea that brings people together over shared experiences.

Part of this has to do with the sharing of stories. Long before movies or even books, people gathered together to tell stories. Beginning in ancient China and continuing today, people have gathered around Pu-erh tea to tell each other stories both grand and simple. Nowadays, even with the many forms of entertainment available to us today, there’s still something about chatting over tea that will never be replaced.

Drinking Pu-erh by yourself can be relaxing and enlightening, but the bonds formed by drinking Pu-erh tea together are not easily broken. Next time you’re craving Pu-erh tea, consider sharing it with someone you care about.


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