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Reflecting on Transitions

Reflecting on Transitions

We are halfway through fall and are now approaching the end of the year. This transition can be a busy time and go by so quickly with work, family reunions, birthdays and of course, shopping for and celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas. Preparing for the end of the year can feel daunting and in those moments, the best thing we can do is to sit down, drink Pu-erh tea and leave some room for introspection of how far we have come during this year.

If we reflect on the origin and richness of Pu-erh tea and the trees from which it is produced, then we can begin to understand how it can be a reflection of our own journey, establishing our roots and growing over time. Ancestral trees produce richer and more complex flavors as a result of their more robust roots having grown over hundreds of years. The deeper roots absorb a greater quantity of nutrients and flavors from the soil and the environment they are surrounded by. In the same way, think of all the joyful moments as well as the more challenging times that have in some way helped you form deeper roots and that have enriched your life this year.

“Transitions in life can offer opportunities for discovery, provided we are open to random encounters and serendipitous events.” - Robbie Shell


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