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Denong Tea Glass Tumbler

Denong Tea

Denong Tea Glass Tumbler

Double Wall Tea Tumbler

Traditionally, many Pu-erh tea drinkers prefer to use a Gaiwan to brew their tea. While you may love your Gaiwan, you might be looking for an alternative brewing method. The glass double wall tea tumbler from Denong Tea is designed to give you new options any time you wish to brew Pu-erh leaves.


This tea steeping tumbler was created by Denong Tea to provide people with an easier way of brewing Pu-erh leaves. Instead of using the lidded Gaiwan cup, you can use this tumbler to brew tea and then pour it out into your favorite tea cup or bottle.

The tumbler has two layers of glass to protect your hands from the heat of the tea, as well as a spill-resistant twist lid and removable fine-mesh filter. This versatile tumbler holds 6 oz. of water and allows you to brew all kinds of loose tea leaves to perfection—no matter where you are. Take your tea from the home to the office for a sense of peace wherever you go.

Take Denong Tea with You

Like many of our other tea accessories, our double wall tea tumbler is accentuated by our Denong Tea logo along the top section of the glass. Shop our store today and discover the tea and accessories you need to brew the perfect cup of Pu-erh tea.

For more information on using our tumbler, watch our instructional video below.


Dimensions: 2.5" W x 2.5" L x 5.6" H

Volume: 6 oz

Material: Glass

Country of Origin: China

Denong Tea

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