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Denong Glass Tea Kettle Station

Denong Tea

Denong Glass Tea Kettle Station


A glass kettle system designed for human-centered, conscious, and intelligent living. It's made of high-borosilicate heat resistant glass, rose gold hued stainless steel, and K9 crystal that epitomizes elegance and simplicity with ease of functionality. Aesthetically, it melds futurism and tradition while containing an intelligent microcomputer that automatically senses and displays current water temperatures and boiling point. It also automatically lights up red when boiling, blue when cooling, and comes with an optional reserve tank for instantly refilling the kettle with water.


Made in Guangdong Province, China

Volume: 0.8 L

Voltage: 220V (110-120 V convertor included)

Frequency/Power: 50Hz /600W

Weight: 2.1 kg / 2.5 kg (with packaging)

Denong Tea

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