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Glass Pitcher (Without Handle)

Denong Tea

Glass Pitcher (Without Handle)


Our glassware is skillfully handmade using modern techniques, while still representing the traditional aesthetics of brewing Chinese Tea.

The transparent glassware helps tea lovers fully enjoy the natural color of their tea in this cute pitcher. This glass pitcher is made at 842 °F and fire polished. It is solid, strong and can bear high heat as well as very low temperatures. The surface of the glass pitcher is high density, gathering aromas well, without leaving residual tastes from previous brews.

Hand Made in Tianjin, China.

Net Weight: 2 ounce


  Glassware Q&A

  • Will the glassware will lose heat quickly?

This pitcher can hold heat well, because it is handmade in a high heat and fire polishing process. Therefore, rather than much of the other glassware on the market, It preserves heat just as well as a porcelain pitcher.

  • What’s the difference between Denong Glassware and other crystal glassware in the market?

 Most crystal glassware in the market usually contains traces of lead, in order to increase the brightness and hardness of the product. Using that kind of crystal glassware can be toxic when the liquid inside reaches a high enough temperature.

Denong Tea’s glassware does not use lead, but instead uses proprietary techniques to achieve incredibly hard glass, with low rates of expansion and the ability to withstand very high temperatures.  Hand shaping the product allows this glassware to reach a 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness scale (for reference, a diamond is a 10 on this scale), and to be able to sustain temperatures up to 842 °F. These are the big differences between Denong Tea's glassware and the other glassware in the market.

  •  After pouring in hot water, will Denong Tea glassware be too hot to use?

While the pure glass does transmit heat easily, the temperature of the neck area will stay well within a reasonable, comfortable range. To avoid overheating this neck area, avoid filling the pitcher to this level.

  • Cleaning and maintaining Denong Tea’s glassware

To clean the glassware, you can use a cleaner such as a sodium percarbonate powder. Soak the glassware in the cleaner and water for a short time, then use a sponge to clean it. For narrow parts of the glassware, you can use a cotton swab. After cleaning, use a tea towel or a piece of cotton cloth to dry it.

Never use a Melamine Sponge to clean the glassware!

  • Which is better to brew tea, Glassware or porcelain?

Denong Tea’s glassware and porcelains have the same great results when it comes to brewing tea because we use high-density materials for both our glass and porcelain. By using high hardness glass and a fire polishing finish, our glassware has near same properties as our porcelain teaware. 


Denong Tea

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