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Denong Tea Towel

Denong Tea

Denong Tea Towel

Microfiber Tea Towel

Denong Tea provides high-quality tea towels made from super soft microfiber that are ideal for use in both tea ceremonies or tea for one. The microfiber will not scratch or wear your teaware—no matter how delicate it is—and the absorbency makes it perfect for cleaning up drips and spills.

An Old Tradition

While tea may have originated in China, using special towels during tea time or tea ceremonies actually started in 18th century England. Tea towels were generally used by the lady of the house to dry delicate tea sets made of fine china or porcelain. Towels were also wrapped around the teapot to insulate the liquid and prevent drips and spills around the serving area.

Tea towels made of soft materials were guaranteed to keep teaware free of stains and scratches, without leaving traces of lint behind. Original tea towels were made of fine linen, but with the advent of modern materials, today’s tea towels are made from absorbent microfiber.

Bring Denong Tea Home With You

Choosing our microfiber tea towel to elevate your time drinking Pu-erh tea allows you to bring more of Denong Tea home with you. Our unique brown tea towel is delicately embossed with the Denong Tea logo in black, adding beauty and grace to any set. Discover the convenience of a microfiber tea towel today!

Dimensions: 15’’ L x 11.5" W

Material: Microfiber

Country of Origin: China
Denong Tea

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