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About Pu-erh

Wild Tea for Domestic Drinkers

Wild Tea for Domestic Drinkers

At Denong Tea, we often talk about tea coming from trees that are several hundred years old. This gives our tea refined taste and a sense of history that simply can’t be replicated by tea grown on plantations. Taking this notion one step further, there’s something particularly special about tea that is grown wild in the forest of Yunnan.

Part of what makes this tea so special is its unique history. Centuries ago, the wild trees that this tea is sourced from were abandoned in the forests, and subsequently lost to time. During that time, the surrounding foliage grew up around the trees, and eventually the species mingled together and evolved into something entirely new. This new species of tree was utterly forgotten until just a few years ago, when local tea farmers discovered what they knew to be abandoned tea trees within the brush.

Since their rediscovery, these trees have been domesticated and cultivated like normal Pu-erh tea trees. Their leaves have then been picked and processed to become ripe Pu-erh tea. This ripening process is vitally important, as without this fermentation, the tea from these wild trees would be much too unruly to drink. Once it becomes ripe Pu-erh, however, the wild nature of the tea leaves becomes tamed and pleasant, giving the tea a more floral sweetness than is typical of ripe Pu-erh. To bring a little excitement into your teacup, try drinking Pu-erh tea from wild trees.

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