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Top Five Ways to Have a Merrier Holiday Season

Top Five Ways to Have a Merrier Holiday Season

Though most holidays are still a few weeks away, we at Denong Tea are getting in the holiday spirit early with a list of five of our favorite things to do during the holiday season, and how you can make them even more joyful when you add Pu-erh tea!

  1. Take a Vacation

Go on vacation with our “Getaway” Travel Variety Set. If you are in a warm place and need a break from the heat, then head to the mountains and let it snow! If you are not looking forward to shoveling your car out of the snow, then follow the sun and head for the warm beaches. Either way, make sure to leave enough room in your suitcase for your favorite Pu-erh.

  1. Get in the spirit of giving

Our Give the Gift of Pu-erh blog shared great reasons why Pu-erh is an ideal gift. Our collection of tea is versatile and can be gifted in loose, cake or brick form. Whether your friend or family member is celebrating a birthday or a holiday, they will enjoy being celebrated with such a unique present!

  1. Snuggle

Have a late morning or night snuggle with your pet and get warmed up with some tasty Pu-erh. Try our 2005 Spring Harvest Denong Ginseng Scent Ripe Pu-erh for a relaxing, cozy time. If you have time off, why not have a marathon of your favorites movies or TV shows?

  1. Join the Holiday Party at the Office

Whether your holiday office party is a small potluck or a grand celebration, the 2012 Nannuo First Spring Harvest Raw Pu-erh Tea will be the life of the party. Your co-workers will thank you for bringing this delightful, soft and fragrant tea.

  1. Eat, eat and eat some more!

The wonderful benefit of Pu-erh is that it helps your body digest both light and heavy meals. So go on and enjoy all of the delicious home made dishes and desserts your heart desires. Let Pu-erh take care of the rest!


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