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About Pu-erh

Get Inspired by Pu-erh Tea

Get Inspired by Pu-erh Tea

The temperament of the artist is one of introspection and imagination. The temperament of Pu-erh tea could also be described in very similar terms. It follows, then, that Pu-erh tea is the ideal drink for the artist.

The very process that Pu-erh tea goes through before being sold is an art form. The tea masters who perfect each blend are artists themselves, sculpting masterpieces out of the tea. Since the tea is inherently artistic, it becomes the perfect source of inspiration for any aspiring artists out there. As we’ve said before, Pu-erh tea has the power to transport your mind and soul through time and space. The artist’s goal is also to transport the mind and soul, so Pu-erh tea is incredibly helpful to that end.

When you painters paint, or you writers write, or you actors get ready to perform, get yourself in the right headspace by drinking Pu-erh tea. There’s no better drink to inspire you.


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