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Warm Up with Pu-erh Tea

Warm Up with Pu-erh Tea

As winter approaches and the weather starts to get colder, people all over the country are searching to find ways to stay warm. Some people like to bundle up, others simply turn on a heater or bury themselves in blankets. When it’s truly cold out, however, there’s nothing quite as rejuvenating as a cup of tea. There’s a proven psychological link between drinking warm beverages and the feeling of emotional warmth, and tea is the absolute best beverage to warm you up.

In addition to the high temperatures you can brew your tea at, there’s something especially warming about Pu-erh tea. Perhaps it’s the spirit of the ancient trees from which we gather our tea, or perhaps it’s the bright flavors of the tea leaves themselves. Whatever the cause, Pu-erh tea has the extraordinary ability to light a spark within you that warms you from the inside out. In addition, drinking tea with someone you care about has the ability to bring your spirits closer together in a unique way, adding to that cozy feeling of drinking the tea itself.

Whatever your holiday plans are this year, do yourself a favor and use Pu-erh tea to keep your body and soul warm.


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