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Perfect Brewing: Aged Raw Pu-erh

Perfect Brewing: Aged Raw Pu-erh

It is through an artful and multifaceted process that Pu-erh reaches its distinctive and complex flavors. It must also be brewed carefully to reach its potential in releasing its many flavors. The first step is to ensure you brew your Pu-erh at the right temperature based on whether it is young or aged and raw or ripe. This blog series is intended to help you differentiate between types of Pu-erh tea, and how to achieve the perfect brew for each of them.

Good aged raw Pu-erh is extremely coveted amongst tea collectors. Because Pu-erh tea is in such high demand throughout the world, it’s becoming increasingly rare for good Pu-erh to be aged to maturity. After a raw Pu-erh cake or brick has been aging for several years, it takes on a complexity that is nearly unrivaled in the tea world.

When brewing aged raw Pu-erh, be sure to use water that is just a few degrees below boiling to rinse the tea. If the tea has been aging for a long time, this step is especially crucial, as the tea may have absorbed some odors from its years of storage. Using the same near-boiling water, begin to brew the tea. Due to the numerous intricacies of the tea, feel free to take a break between different steeps, allowing the temperature of the leaves to cool down. As you then wake them back up with your hot water, you’ll notice that each brew of the tea brings something unique, and that each sip of the aged raw Pu-erh offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

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