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About Pu-erh

The Miracle of Pu-erh

The Miracle of Pu-erh

One of the most impressive aspects of Pu-erh is how amazingly scarce it is. As we’ve previously discussed, Pu-erh tea can only be grown in Yunnan Province, China. But let us clarify; we’re not simply saying that only good Pu-erh is grown in Yunnan. By its very definition, Pu-erh tea must be grown in Yunnan. If it’s grown anywhere else in the world, it’s simply not considered Pu-erh.

Even within Yunnan, the very best Pu-erh comes from ancient trees that have been growing longer than any of us have been alive. These trees are notoriously picky; they require the exact right climate and environmental conditions in order to grow. Without the right elements in the soil and air, these venerable giants are unable to produce the tea leaves necessary for Pu-erh production.

When you drink Pu-erh, however, you’ll quickly see that it’s worth all the trouble. The precise details of production and hundreds of years of history are evident in every sip of quality Pu-erh. So, next time you’re enjoying a perfect brew of Pu-erh, savor it. With such impossible conditions to overcome, it probably shouldn’t even exist. But it does, and that’s the miracle of Pu-erh.

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