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How to Use A Pu-erh Pick

How to Use A Pu-erh Pick

  • Warning: The Pu-erh pick is a sharp implement and, as such, can be dangerous to use if it is not handled with care. It should be kept away from children at all times.
  • Never point the tea pick towards your opposite hand.
  • Never attempt to insert the Pu-erh pick from above.

  • With one hand firmly holding the tea cake, insert the Pu-erh pick with the other hand into the side of the cake. Note that the point of the Pu-erh pick is parallel to the other hand.

    Insert the Pu-erh pick into the Pu-erh teacake about an inch or two, then raise your hand in a prying motion. This is the most efficient manner of removing large tea leaves from a teacake.

    Please enjoy the video below, which further instructs tea lovers on how to properly and safely use a Pu-erh tea pick.



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