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Perfect Brewing: Young Raw Pu-erh

Perfect Brewing: Young Raw Pu-erh

It is through an artful and multifaceted process that Pu-erh reaches its distinctive and complex flavors. It must also be brewed carefully to reach its potential in releasing its many flavors. The first step is to ensure you brew your Pu-erh at the right temperature based on whether it is young or aged and raw or ripe. This blog series is intended to help you differentiate between types of Pu-erh tea, and how to achieve the perfect brew for each of them.

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”- Maya Angelou

Raw Pu-erh tea is considered young if it’s only been aging for a few years. For young raw Pu-erh, avoid boiling hot water. The water should be brought to a boil, then cooled to about 185°, and the tea leaves should be brewed quickly. The general rule of thumb is that if the natural flavor of the tea is strong, the temperature of the water should be lower and the brewing time should be short. If the flavor is softer, then you will want to use water with a higher temperature and brew a few seconds longer.

Young Raw Pu-erh is known for being bright and full of life. When properly brewed, it can lift your mood and give you just the boost you need to get through your day. For a youthful glow and energetic spirit, drink young raw Pu-erh.


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