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Beach Day with Pu-erh

Beach Day with Pu-erh

Drinking Pu-erh tea anywhere can be both relaxing and rewarding. As we previously discussed, however, there’s something special about drinking Pu-erh outside. More specifically, today we’ll be talking about one of the most magical places to drink Pu-erh: the beach.

Between the strong winds and cool waters, relaxing on the beach can get quite chilly. A hot cup of tea can be an enjoyable way to warm you up as you take in the natural beauty. On a sunny day at the beach, iced tea can be equally refreshing, and can keep you energized amid all your beach activities.

More than this, the unending tide of the ocean is reminiscent of the timelessness of Pu-erh. Pu-erh tea never goes bad, and is therefore as endless as the sea. In addition, each brew of Pu-erh tea has its own character. Like the ocean, Pu-erh tea’s flavors come in waves, with each sip bringing you something entirely new. Next time you plan to spend a day at the beach, take your relaxation even further with Pu-erh tea.


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