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Hunting for the Perfect Easter Tea

Hunting for the Perfect Easter Tea

Like Christmas, Easter is a wonderful time of celebration and giving for many people. Families travel from far and wide to come together to enjoy the holiday and each other’s company. People also often like to surprise their loved ones with something special. To simplify this gift-giving process, we’d like to present to you a list of perfect teas for Easter.


2016 Bulang Early Spring Harvest Raw Pu-erh Tea

If you’re craving a tea that’s thick and fragrant, look no further. Made with tea leaves from an early spring harvest, few teas convey the hope and vitality of spring quite like this one. A richly complex, almost malty flavor is swiftly followed by a returning sweetness to die for. Pu-erh tea enthusiasts will also appreciate the opportunity to enjoy tea from the famous Bulang Mountain, where some of the best tea in the world is sourced.

Millennium Distant Mountains Ripe Pu-erh Tea

While many teas on this list were chosen to capture the youthful spirit of spring, Easter is also a time of long-standing traditions, and few types of tea exemplify that quite like an aged ripe Pu-erh. Nearly two decades old, this tea has become an institution in its own right, with tradition and history bolstering the experience of every sip. Drinking this tea will, as its name suggests, whisk you away to far-off places, and make you feel as if you could actually reach out and touch the mountains from which this tea was sourced. Aged Pu-erh is always a treat for tea lovers, and this aged ripe is one especially delicious treat.

2016 Early Spring Sweet Clarity Raw Pu-erh

One look at the wrapper of this lovely young tea cake is enough to tell you that this floral tea is perfect for springtime. Thankfully, its beauty is far from skin deep. While still quite young, this tea from the Xishuangbanna region of Yunnan has already developed a wonderfully tender flavor profile. Notes of spring flowers are followed by a light sweetness that will bring to bear all the joys of the season.

2016 Denong Ripe Mini Tuo Cha

Don’t let the size of these mini tuo cha fool you; the tea leaves that they’re made from come from trees over three hundred years old. For those looking for an easier method of brewing tea, these have been designed and shaped to be the perfect size for a single brew of tea. Simply drop the mini tuo cha in your tumbler or tea pot, and you’re good to go. As if their convenience weren’t enough, these mini tuo cha also pack a serious punch of flavor. Each sip contains minty notes of the forest that will keep you coming back for more. Plus, their tiny size makes them ideal for stuffing easter eggs or baskets, providing you with a fun, healthy spin on Easter candy.

2016 Denong Black Tea

We speak frequently and enthusiastically about our one-of-a-kind Black Tea, and with good reason. In both flavor and scent, this tea offers up a unique experience unmatched by any other black tea on the market. Coming from trees between 300-500 years old, a rich history belies a youthful flavor profile. And since it boasts a gorgeous fragrance many people have compared to the smell of chocolate, this tea is the perfect healthy companion to all your Easter chocolates. Additionally, those who are curious about this tea are in luck, as we’re still giving away a free five gram sample of our Black Tea with every purchase made on our website for a limited time.

Surprising a loved one with the perfect gift is an incredible feeling, so this spring, treat yourselves and those you care about with some exquisite tea.

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