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Four Benefits of Drinking Tea in Spring

Four Benefits of Drinking Tea in Spring

In the world of tea, spring is the time of year when freshly picked tea becomes available. It’s well known that the first harvest of spring generally yields the best tea, but did you know that spring is also one of the best times of year to consume tea? In order to acknowledge the change of the seasons, here are four great reasons to start spring off with tea.

  1. To Wake You Up After the Winter

Winter can be a draining season, and it often leaves people feeling sluggish and without strength. Spring then comes around, giving new life and renewed energy. In order to maximize this refreshment, drink tea. The caffeine and rich character of tea can make you feel revitalized, and pairing tea with the natural rejuvenation of spring can be an effective weapon against the lethargy of winter.

  1. To Nurture Your Liver

In spring, the pace of daily life quickens, and tasks and responsibilities begin to pile up. If we’re not careful, this lifestyle can outpace our metabolism, and our health can fall by the wayside. Therefore, it’s especially important to protect the liver in Spring. Drinking tea can help clean, nourish, sooth, and protect the liver.


  1. To Boost Your Circulation

After a less active winter, it's crucial to get your blood pumping and your circulation strong during spring. Drinking tea that is beneficial to the stomach can do wonders to helping your circulation. Our suggestion is for you to drink tea that has a strong Chaqi, such as Pu-erh tea, in order to improve your circulation and activate the inner Qi of your body.


  1. To Expel the Cold Air From Your Body

After a long, cold winter, our bodies have accumulated lots of cold Qi, and our internal temperatures have the tendency to drop down lower. When spring rolls around, and all life begins its process of renewal, drinking tea will repel the cold air from your body, leaving you energized and ready to face a whole new year.

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