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Can't Get Enough of Tea

Can't Get Enough of Tea

When tea lovers discuss their devotion to tea, phrases like “tea drunk” and “tea addiction get thrown around a lot. But what makes good tea so addictive? The first, most obvious explanation is its natural sweetness. While most people have quite the sweet tooth, they don’t necessarily want something so sweet as to be cloying. Good tea like Pu-erh tea has a light sweetness that’s elegant and pleasant. After a long time aging, much of the bitterness and sharpness sometimes associated with tea melt away due to oxidation. The sweetness of the tea, however, remains. After rinsing and brewing the tea leaves, the sweetness will slowly be released into the tea water, leaving a wonderful taste in your mouth.

Though this sweetness is essential to good tea, tea lovers also know that the slight bitterness of tea is something to be appreciated. While the sweetness of tea is soothing, the slight bitterness of tea is empowering. It can lift the spirit and activate the mind, and the caffeine in the tea will effectively activate your nervous system. However, the true key to experiencing the full potential of Pu-erh tea is to find balance, to revel in its bittersweetness. Good tea needs both its sweet and bitter qualities, working in harmony.

All in all, this concept of tea addiction is not at all a negative thing. So when choosing your tea cup, pick one that’s larger and deeper. Not only will this hold more tea for you to drink, it sustains the heat of the tea, and won’t get cold as fast as a smaller, shallower cup. So pour yourself a hearty helping of tea, then drink up.  Drinking tea helps to cultivate and enrich your character, allowing you to better exercise patience, release excess pressure, and lift your mood. As time goes by, drinking tea at a steady pace will help reveal your true heart towards everything and everyone.

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