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Finding Your Ideal Ripe Pu-erh

Finding Your Ideal Ripe Pu-erh

In our most recent blog, we discussed a few ways to help you choose the best raw Pu-erh tea to suit your tastes. Today, we hope to assist those who are trying to find their ideal ripe Pu-erh.

Finding your ideal ripe Pu-erh:

For those interested in trying ripe Pu-erh, the same choice between young or aged tea applies. Generally speaking, the older the ripe Pu-erh tea is, the more earthy and rich the flavor. Beyond that, there are more subtle distinctions between ripe Pu-erh teas. Our 2005 Ginseng Scent Ripe, for example, is full-bodied and smooth, with a natural sweetness and ginseng aroma.

For a wilder edge, try our 2010 or 2015 Wild Ripe Pu-erh tea. These come from trees that were lost to time. After centuries of independent growth and intermingling with other plant species, the very biological makeup of these trees has changed. Just a few short years ago, these were rediscovered by tea pickers and made into exquisite ripe Pu-erh.

Some prefer tea that’s been aging for quite some time. These are the same people whose taste buds crave the smoothness of a fine wine or aged bourbon. For these people, we recommend our Elegance of Time, a drinkable antique with immense complexity.

While different people may have different tastes and preferences, each ripe Pu-erh tea is worth exploring. To see our full selection of ripe Pu-erh, visit our website.

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