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About Pu-erh

Drinking Pu-erh Outdoors

Drinking Pu-erh Outdoors

Pu-erh tea is often associated with cozy tea ceremonies that usually take place indoors. While these ceremonies are a wonderful way to enjoy Pu-erh, it can be just as satisfying to savor your Pu-erh outside.

Because Pu-erh tea is so naturally sourced, drinking it already gives you a sense of closeness with nature. This feeling is amplified when you take your tea outside with you. With your tea cup in hand, your eyes can wander about the world around you.  Floral raw Pu-erh will bring out the beauty in the flowers around you, while earthy ripe Pu-erh will make you feel grounded and secure. Whether it’s raw or ripe Pu-erh in your cup, the world just seems brighter while sipping a cup of tea.

Next time you find yourself in the mood for exquisite Pu-erh tea, consider taking it outside to drink in a nice garden or park. Drinking tea outdoors is truly one of the finest ways to enjoy Pu-erh.

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