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Drinking Tea is a Voyage

Drinking Tea is a Voyage

The act of traveling is not only a matter of transporting the body; it also profoundly involves the mind. If you learn to look at the world with a sense of curiosity and excitement, it becomes easy to take a voyage through time and space. One of the easiest ways for your mind to be transported to another time and place is to drink tea.

When you take a break from your busy life to drink tea, each cup has the power to take you further along in your journey. The first cup slows down your pace. It interrupts the endless flow of stress and pressure in your life and causes your anxiety to dissolve away. The second cup is to relax your mind and bring the moment into perfect clarity. In this moment, you’re free to escape the troubles of the past and forget the worries of the future, until only the flavors and aromas of the present endure. The third cup then brings about a sense of hopeful anticipation, as you prepare to live tomorrow like a brand new chapter of life.

Whether the tea’s flavor is sweet, sour, or bitter, there is beauty to be found in its flavors. Every cup of tea that you pour has its own personality, and therefore each journey you take with tea will be fresh and exciting.

Drinking hot tea makes us patient and causes us to reflect on life. Waiting for the tea to cool before sipping is not unlike preparing yourself for life’s next challenge. Slowly but surely, you continue on your way with your favorite tea, well equipped to explore life. After a few cups of tea, it doesn’t matter where you are or where you’ve been, you need only focus on where the tea can take you.

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