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About Pu-erh

The Pu-erh Fountain of Youth

The Pu-erh Fountain of Youth

Last week, we briefly discussed a few health benefits of drinking Pu-erh tea. This week, we’ll continue to offer a few more quick looks at the many reasons to drink Pu-erh. Today we take on a unique paradox: how an ancient tea can in fact be the secret to staying young.

Quality Pu-erh tea is generally grown in the highlands of Yunnan, where the soil is rich with nutrients. Especially compared to green tea, the results of Pu-erh’s fermentation process is a tea that’s packed with nutritional value, as well as complex flavors and aromas.

Pu-erh tea is the perfect friend to grow old with. It lowers the risks of cancer, heart disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. It even works to prevent wrinkles associated with aging! In your busy and often stressful life, there’s simply no substitute for Pu-erh. It keeps your heart young, your mind sharp, and your soul content.

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