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Tea is More than a Trend

Tea is More than a Trend

In recent years, tea has become an increasingly complex industry. In some cases, the tea industry has become far too wrapped up in distractions like fame and greed, particularly in countries where tea is a vital part of the cultural identity. In all this posturing and vanity, however, tea culture runs the risk of losing its original “flavor,” as it becomes and further and further separated from people’s daily lives. As a company that prides itself on the authenticity and purity of our tea, it is our great desire to bring tea back into people’s lives, and to help people better understand the intrinsic value of drinking tea.

No matter how expensive, rare, or delicious the tea, all tea begins in the same state of simplicity. The simplicity of a tea leaf is utterly removed from all the potential distractions of the tea industry. The concept of tea cannot be removed from the tea leaves themselves, nor the tea water, nor the hands that pick, produce, and eventually pour the tea. The further removed your idea of tea is from these things, the less you’ll be able to truly enjoy a cup of tea for what it is. When you drink tea, focus not on the expense, rarity, or even merely the taste of the tea. Focus instead on the way the tea speaks to you, changes you, and challenges you.

For thousands of years, tea has been a fundamentally significant part of daily life for countless people. Rich and poor alike, as well as people from all places and cultures, have the ability and the privilege to enjoy tea and allow it to help them perceive themselves for who they are. When you boil tea down to its bare essentials and strip away all the distractions, you can begin to see tea for the timeless wonder that it is, and realize it is so much more than just a trend. And after you realize this, hopefully you’ll be freed to lay down all your stress and drink tea without restraint.


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