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Thoughts on Beauty, Inspiration, & Pu-erh

Thoughts on Beauty, Inspiration, & Pu-erh

Before we begin...
Beauty is pervasive
Inspiration is pervasive
We say this rose is beautiful
The rose represents nature
But it isn’t the rose
Beauty is unattached, it’s inspiration - it’s inspiration
-Agnes Martin



Like the rose, what is truly beautiful about tea is not just in the tea itself but also in the inspiration gathered from the experience of the tea. There must be an awareness of the space that wants to open up between the self, the guests, and the tea, thus allowing the tea to work it's magic in tapping our deeper senses and immersing us in the present moment. We are active participants in this exchange, and during this process, inspiration is given the opportunity to flow freely.




Drinking tea helps you meditate on life to better understand it. Drinking tea is not only about the health benefits on the tea’s surface, but it is also elevates the spirit to enrich our lives. For young generations, if they can understand the benefits tea brings, they will benefit from it for life.

We all used to be young and ambitious; telling everything in black and white, fighting and arguing for our own existence. It sometimes seems that we want to plan and control life, but as we age, we realize that we are so small in this universe and we have been places that we thought we would never go.





Drink this cup of tea and keep the attitude of having an empty cup towards life. Learn to accept and absorb new things. Don’t judge things on their surface but instead by their inner logic. Find out the positive meanings in your life.

Tea can be the medium to shorten distances between human beings. With this cup of tea, it can lead conversations to anywhere. Life's journey is truly manifest in this cup of tea.




Tea can make you calm and seek the truth of happiness. Drinking tea is also a healthier lifestyle. It not only brings better health, but also elevates spirit and mind to live a better life.


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Viva Pu-erh!

We at Denong Tea


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