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Pu-erh For All Seasons

Pu-erh For All Seasons

It’s no secret that Raw and ripe Pu-erh tea have different characteristics, as well as health benefits and effects on the human body. It follows, then, that choosing the best Pu-erh tea for you will depend on many factors, including preference or mood. Today, however, we’d like to take some time to discuss the benefits of drinking different kinds of Pu-erh tea in each of the four seasons.

Drinking Pu-erh tea in Spring can do wonders to nurture the body. During the spring, our bodies are already going through a period a refreshment, and brewing an aged raw Pu-erh can release cold air from the body, energizing us and giving a boost to our immune system.

In summer, drinking Pu-erh tea can be an effective way to beat the summer heat. The slight bitter taste and returning sweetness of raw Pu-erh is especially effective at detoxifying our blood circulation, relieving stress, and hydrating the body. Raw Pu-erh also contains lots of Polyphenols, amino acids, and vitamins. These elements can reduce heat in summer and provide plenty of nutrition.

In autumn, drinking Pu-erh tea can help fight off dryness and keep out the chill. At the peak of autumn, people tend to experience dryness because of the changing seasons. Aged, semi- fermented raw Puerh or ripe Puerh is favorable during this time, as it can keep the body hydrated and stable during the changing seasons.

During the cold of winter, nothing beats ripe Pu-erh tea. It not only staves off the bitter cold, but also increases our immune systems. The tea tastes sweet and mellow, and its warmth will easily fill your heart and help insulate heat within your body. During flu season, ripe Pu-erh can also soothe upset stomachs and get you back on your feet in no time.

In every season, drink Pu-erh tea, as its adaptability might be just what you need to get you through all the year’s transitions.

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