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About Pu-erh

Addiction for Pu-erh Tea

Addiction for Pu-erh Tea

People who fall in love with Pu-erh tea are quite aware that if you drink Pu-erh tea often, it’s hard to quit drinking. They just love the feeling of enjoying a nice cup of Pu-erh tea.

When you encounter fine Pu-erh tea, the tea water is full of complexity. There's a sweetness, and the slight scent of aging. With one sip, the tea water warms your whole body in a way that is immensely satisfying.


Denong Tea - Puerh


Pu-erh tea is full of character, and always offers up a slightly different experience. Various tea trees from specific mountains all have different flavors. Even within the same village, tea can take on many different characteristics. If the picking method, the time allotted for sun drying, or the temperature when the tea is made are different, the final product can yield vastly different flavors.

It follows, then, that good tea can only come from exquisite workmanship. Everyone’s taste is unique, so even though some tea lovers may greatly prefer one type of fine Pu-erh tea, others might hold a different opinion. Some people enjoy sweet flavors, some people prefer their tea bittersweet. Some people prefer their tea smoky, while others favor earthy tea. Each type of Pu-erh tea has its own loyal fans. Simply put, there is no single best Pu-erh tea. There’s only the tea that best suits you.


Denong Tea- Raw Puerh


Additionally, even the same type of Pu-erh tea's flavors can change with different water, teapots, or brew lengths. Even your mood can change the taste of the tea. This is where the true charisma of Pu-erh resides. It is like a kaleidoscope. If you perceive Pu-erh from different angles, it will continue to surprise you with more to see.

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