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About Pu-erh

A Healthy, Easy Way to Drink Tea

A Healthy, Easy Way to Drink Tea

Generally speaking, Pu-erh tea is typically associated with traditional methods of brewing and serving tea. These methods date back several centuries, and can often result in some of the best tea drinking experiences. However, these methods can also  have their limits. Because of the type of teaware and accessories that are required for these methods, it can be difficult to take it all with you and brew tea on the go.

Thankfully, modern technology allows us solutions to this problem. With high quality portable teaware such as our Glass Tumbler, the tea drinker’s options have increased greatly. Below are just a few ways in which portable teaware can improve your lifestyle.


  1. It allows for a healthier, more convenient lifestyle.

Many people rely on drinking hot caffeinated beverages to get them through the day. Many times, these beverages are high in sugar and caloric content, and can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. The ability to bring Pu-erh tea with everywhere you go eliminates the need for those unhealthy options. Putting just 3-4 grams of Pu-erh tea in your tumbler will allow you to brew enough to get you through the day, with the added bonus of all the health benefits of associated with Pu-erh tea.


  1. It can help you save money.

In addition to all the health and lifestyle benefits of drinking loose leaf tea, you’re able to yield far more tea, as well as have much more control over the brewing of that tea than if it you bought it at a store where they make it for you. Brewing a small amount of tea leaves repeatedly throughout the day is a far more economical approach to drinking tea than buying it by the cup.


  1. The spiritual and emotional benefits of drinking tea are always available to you.

In many of our previous blogs, we’ve discussed the fact that the benefits of drinking tea are not just physical. Drinking Pu-erh tea, in particular, has a way of bringing you in touch with the past, present, and future. It clears your mind and inspires you, all at once. The ability to take this on the go with you gives you an extraordinary advantage in life. Whenever you feel out of touch or that you need to center yourself, simply brew some tea in your tumbler and take a sip.


Nowadays, people want to move toward a healthier lifestyle, but above all else, they’re looking for that which is convenient. At Denong Tea, we believe that convenience should never come at the expense of quality or authenticity. Using portable teaware, you have instant access to all three, in addition to introducing healthier habits into your life. Change your lifestyle today with our Glass Tumbler.

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