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[PRE-ORDER] 2019 Amber Leaves Ripe Mini Tuo Cha

Denong Tea

[PRE-ORDER] 2019 Amber Leaves Ripe Mini Tuo Cha


This is a Pre-order and will not ship until July 2019

2019 Amber Leaves Ripe Pu-erh has been tested and certified by SGS


unwrap a rich and abundant feeling as you taste these dense, ancient tea leaves. Amber leaves is a premier batch of ripe pu-erh where each year a new and exciting layer of taste unravel. 

A small cup will leave you with a lingering warmth in your body and soothe your spirit in a long lasting flavor that your sure to revisit for many years to come.

Each box comes with 20 mini tuo chas. Each one is 5 grams, and can be brewed over 15 times. 


Region: Menghai, Yunnan

Harvest: Early Spring

Net Weight: 100g          Format: Tuo Cha

Denong Tea

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