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2017 Jingmai First Spring Harvest Raw Pu-erh Tea Family

Denong Tea

2017 Jingmai First Spring Harvest Raw Pu-erh Tea Family


In our 2017 Jingmai Family, we have four different tea cakes, please read the description for each below:

Meng Ben:

This tea is from the ancient tea forest in Meng Ben on Jingmai Mountain. It undergoes traditional pu-erh tea production, emerging with a taste that’s ever so slightly astringent and bitter, but balanced by a formidable returning sweetness and lovely wild orchid fragrance. The tea water is bright orange and thick, with a complex yet quite approachable flavor profile.

Da Ping Zhang:

This tea comes from the ancient tea forest of Da Ping Zhang on Jingmai Mountain. In this forest, the trees are quite large, with thick trunks and lush foliage. This is where our tea comes from. Each tea leaf is glossy and dark green. Produced using traditional methods of Pu-erh tea production, the fragrance is so strong that even the dry tea leaves smell of orchids. The tea water is bright, its flavor vital and reinvigorating.

King of Tea Trees:

This tea comes from the oldest ancient tea forest in Jingmai Mountain. It is from the first spring harvest, and very little of it was picked this year. It has undergone the traditional puerh tea production process, with tea leaves that are dark green and glossy, tender and tight, with visible peko. A delicate orchid fragrance is present all throughout the tea, as if you were surrounded by thousand of orchids. The tea water is bright yellow and thick, with a taste that’s both refreshing and complicated. Its scent will linger at the bottom of your cup even after your whole body has enjoyed its sweetness. For personal enjoyment, just brew two grams and the tea leaves can last more than 20 brews, due to the tea’s strong Chaqi.

Jingmai Blend:

Finally, our fourth tea cake is a blend of tea from these three regions of Jingmai. Possessing the wonderful characteristics of each regions, this is one of our absolute best blend teas.


Region: Jingmai Mountain, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Harvest: First Spring Harvest

Net Weight: 100g         Format: Cake

Denong Tea

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