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2007 Denong Raw Pu-erh from Jingmai Arbor Trees

Denong Tea

2007 Denong Raw Pu-erh from Jingmai Arbor Trees


Brewing Denong Raw Pu-erh Tea

Remove 1-2 grams of tea with a pick for every 6 ounces of water. Boil your water and then let it cool to 195°F (90 °C). When the water is cool enough, rinse your leaves for several seconds to remove impurities and revive the aged raw Pu-erh flavors.

If you are brewing with a gaiwan teaware, remove 4-5 grams of tea and rinse with water that has cooled to 212°F (100 °C).

Your first infusion should last for 10 seconds. For the second brew, infuse the tea for just 5 seconds. Each brew after the second cup should increase by 5 seconds to ensure that every cup is crisp and refreshing.

Region: Jingmai, Yunnan

Harvest: Spring

Tasting Notes: Wood, stone fruit, raisin

Net Weight: 100g          Format: Broken Cake

Denong Tea

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