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2005 Spring Harvest Denong Ginseng Scent Ripe Puerh Tea

Denong Tea

2005 Spring Harvest Denong Ginseng Scent Ripe Puerh Tea


This Shou Pu-erh tea is broken from compressed tea cakes for easier use, and retains all of its original flavor. Smooth, dark, and brisk, this refined classic is great for experienced tea connoisseurs. Many drinkers prefer this tea for its fruity aroma and a lingering mouthfeel that is reminiscent of ginseng broth.

Drink to Your Health

While Pu-erh tea is known to have many health benefits, this particular tea has enhanced features due to its natural ginseng scent. After a decade of aging, this tea has developed a unique aroma and character ideal for helping you wind down after a hard day’s work and focus on what tomorrow will bring. Drink this Pu-erh tea when you wish to relax.

Brewing Shou Pu-erh Tea

Before brewing, remove 3-5 grams of tea for every 6 ounces of water. Bring your water to a boil for 10 seconds and rinse the tea leaves briefly. Once you’ve rinsed the tea to revive the leaves, brew the leaves for 10 seconds before drinking. Your second brew should last only 5 seconds, but each infusion after should last 5 seconds longer than the last.

Denong Tea puts pride and centuries of tradition into every blend. Discover the difference with our exquisite 2005 Spring Harvest Denong Ginseng Scent Ripe Pu-erh Tea today.


Region: Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Harvest: Spring

Net Weight: 100g          Format: Broken Cake


Tea blogger Alexisa Wilson said:

"I really liked this Shou, it was distinct while also being mild, it could make a really great everyday drinker, I foresee myself getting a box when colder weather comes around."

Read the full review here.

Denong Tea

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