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1998 Evening Fragrant Jade Raw Pu-erh

Denong Tea

1998 Evening Fragrant Jade Raw Pu-erh


Since old-growth arbor trees are limited in their yearly production, the tea cakes formed from these special plants are exceedingly rare. During the 1990s, several tea cakes were made from centuries-old trees in Jingmai; the vintage Pu-erh tea cakes have since aged over 15 years in our hands.

Due to its age, our 1998 Evening Fragrant Jade Raw Pu-erh Tea has transformed into a deep red color, similar to wine, and its flavors have deepened. Their tea leaves also have higher amounts of antioxidants than other Pu-erh teas, making them among the most beneficial of all our teas.

The Flavor of Vintage Pu-erh Tea

The rarity and individuality of the flavors in this ancient Pu-erh tea cannot be overstated. A strong ginseng fragrance encompasses a bitterness that transforms into a gentle sweetness as you drink. With complex, evolving flavors, each sip leads you on a new savory adventure.

Brewing Vintage Pu-erh Tea

Since this aged Pu-erh tea variety is so rare, it is essential that you take the utmost care in its preparation. Start by removing 3-5 grams of tea from the tea cake for every 6 ounces of water. This tea should be gently removed with a Pu-erh Pick, so that the precious vintage Pu-erh tea leaves are not damaged or lost.

Once you have your tea leaves prepared, bring your water to a boil. Let it cool down a few degrees and rinse the tea leaves of impurities for a few seconds to ensure the unique flavor is preserved. After rinsing, start with an initial infusion of 10 seconds. Your second brew should last just 5 seconds, and then, for each subsequent brew, increase the steeping time by 5 seconds.

* * *

Enjoy the peerless flavor and distinct fragrance of our 1998 Evening Fragrant Jade Raw Pu-erh Tea.

Region: Jingmai, Yunnan

Harvest: First Spring

Net Weight: 390g          Format: Cake

Quantities extremely limited


Denong Tea

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