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Black and White Tea

Denong Tea strives to showcase variety with a large collection of Pu-erh teas, black teas and white teas. We invite you to try our delectable black tea, commonly known in China as red tea, through our lovingly crafted premium black tea.


Our oxidization process creates tea leaves characterized by a deep ebony shade, as well as a beautiful tea that brims with flavor. With Pu-erh tea, oxidation is halted during production by pan-roasting, but for our Chinese black tea, the leaves are allowed to react with oxygen longer, creating a distinct, new flavor

As you sip, you’ll notice a sharp aroma is present in the flavor, evoking a full-bodied character and strong profile. Much like our other teas, traditional customs are preserved with every cup of this premium black Tea.


The light caffeination of our premium black tea ensures a noticeable improvement in your energy and well-being. Superb flavor is balanced with power, and the result is a bold and exciting departure from our other teas.

Since black tea is exceedingly rare among our collections, we encourage you to take advantage of this exclusive offer before we sell out. Shop with Denong Tea today.